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As a licensed auto dealer we can help you purchase vehicles at Copart.  The process is simple and our fees are some of the lowest in the industry.  At this time our broker services are only available for transactions within the United States.

509 Auto Broker Fees 
$250 flat fee
$150 flat fee if your winning bid is under $500

Washington State residents 
Vehicles purchased through us will include a $49.50 title transfer fee as well as 8.6% sales tax.  We will transfer the title for you and the state will mail the title directly to you.  We can assist with the purchase of clean title vehicles only.

REGISTRATION - Please register here on this website at least 24 hours before your vehicle goes to live auction.  If that's not possible we will do our best to get a bid placed for you

The “REGISTER” tab below will allow you to input the vehicle information, place a proxy bid (a proxy bid is the most you are willing to pay for a vehicle), and pay a $400 deposit via debit or credit card. 

A minimun deposit of $400 is required to bid which will give you buying power of $4000 (10%). For example: $8000 bid will require $800 deposit.  If you need to pay a deposit greater than $400 we will send you an additional email with a link to pay the amount owed to increase your deposit.  Your deposit is 100% refundable once your transaction is complete and all fees have been paid.  Your deposit cannot be applied to your purchase. We hold your deposit to pay late fees and storage fees if needed.  You can also choose to leave your deposit on file with us to purchase future vehicles or request a refund after we have received all signed documents from you. 

If you bid on a vehicle and don’t pay for whatever reason you will forfeit all of your deposit.  Copart charges us $400 or 10% of bid amount (which ever amount is greater) to re-list the vehicle. 

Once your deposit has been paid we will place a proxy bid at Copart on your behalf.  Copart’s auto bidding system will automatically raise your bid (up to your max proxy bid) as other buyers bid against you.  Once we place a bid for you it cannot be cancelled. Please contact us if you wish to raise your proxy bid.

If you are the high bidder when the auction ends and the price did not meet the seller’s minimum bid price, we will work with you and the seller to counter offer.  

If you win the auction we will email you an invoice with all fees due and instructions on how to pay.  All payments on vehicles must be made by 5pm on the following business day.  The only form of payment we accept on vehicles is a wire transfer to our account at Bank of America.  

Vehicle Pickup
You have 3 days (including the auction day) to pick up your vehicle before incurring storage fees.  Storage fees vary by location.  Generally on the 4th day you will be charged $5 and the fee will increase $5 everyday thereafter. Late fees and storage fees will be deducted from your deposit.

It is 100% buyer responsibility to coordinate the vehicle pickup and transport

Copart Auction Fees

Please make yourself familiar with all Copart fees explained on the Copart fees page.  The Copart auctions fees and the 509 Auto Broker fees will be added to your winning bid. As a dealer we are charged the fees in column A and those fees will apply to your purchase.

Here's an example of recent Copart fees we paid
01/29/2020 SALE PRICE 1,700.00
01/29/2020 BUYER FEE 285.00
01/29/2020 VIRTUAL BID FEE 79.00
01/29/2020 GATE 59.00
01/29/2020 COPART MAILING FEE 20.00
NET DUE (USD) 2,143.00 

A few days after winning the auction we will mail documents to you.  Please sign and return these docouments so we can make copies for our records. Once we receive the title from Copart (2 to 5 weeks) we will mail it to you and include the original documents you signed.


1) Email us at 
2) Use our chat option on this page
3) Call/Text (509)731-3766

*509 Auto Brokers is not affiliated with Copart and is a completely separate company.  You will be purchasing a vehicle from 509 Auto Sales and not Copart.

*All vehicles are purchased “as is” with no written or implied warranties. It is your responsibility to inspect vehicles before you purchase.